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Q. How do I connect utilities?

A.  Here's the list of some of the useful phone numbers. The full up-to-date list could be found at

For gas and electric services, call PG&E at 1-800-743-500

For Comcast cable and internet service 1-800-COMCAST.

For other utilities, please check your contract whether you or your landlord is paying for it. If you are paying for water and if you live in Redwood City proper, including the following streets on Heller St, Cedar Ave, Pine St, Broadway St, Hoover St, Linden St, please call Redwood City water (650)780-7210. For water if you live in North Fair Oaks, including 3rd Ave, Park Rd, Nottingham Ave, Markham Ave, call CalWater at (650) 367-6800 For other cities, please ask your property manager.

Q. Should I do a lease or month to month?

A.  With a one year lease, you get a security of knowing that you rent cannot rise during the term of the lease, but you are locked into a contract for one year. If you need to break the lease, significant penalties apply.

With a month to month rental agreement, you are free to leave on a 30 days notice, but landlord can raise your rent or change other rental terms on a 30 days notice as well.

Q. What is your pet policy?

A.  Depends on the property, but most of our properties welcome a limited number of well behaved pets.